Corvallis Real Estate Photography

If you need a quality Real Estate Photographer in Corvallis, look no further. We take our Real Estate photos very seriously as we know that the better photos, the more likely a buyer is to book a showing.

Corvallis Real Estate Photography

With an eye towards the details that can make a difference between a booked showing in Corvallis and a pass, we give you the best quality possible with the shortest turn around time.

Real Estate Videos

We produce videos that not only shows the buyer the highlights of the property, but also tug at their heart strings, making them emotionally attached to the property before they even book a showing.

Drone Aerial Photography

We are FAA certified to perform commercial drone flights in Corvallis and other cities to get you that point of view you can’t get any other way. Combine with video to create an amazing experience.

Quality and Professionalism

Corvallis has a hot real estate market right now.  The competition is fierce and the importance of quality real estate pictures cannot be understated. Show your client’s home best features in its most flattering compositions, with the highest quality images.  It can mean the difference between silence and your phone ringing.

Your goal as a seller’s broker is to get buyers in the door.  Good real estate pictures do that.  And if their on-site experience matches their excellent first impression from the pictures, you are likely to get a better offer, meaning better results for your seller and you as well. 

It is a fact that high quality professional photos mean a higher sales price for you.

This is where we come in.  We want you to get the best price possible.  We do that by taking professional photos, with the latest gear and the latest techniques.  The post processing of the images is just as important as the actual shoot.  It can make the difference between a good photo and one that is brilliant.

We know you are in a hurry to get the property active on the MLS. We are able to accommodate your tight schedule and get your photos by the next day, and sometimes even the same day.

We use the latest business management software for scheduling and invoicing, providing you with a custom portal allowing you to view and pay your invoices online with credit card or by check. 


One Stop Shop

Need photography?  Covered.  Need a video to pull at the heart strings?  Got that.  Need licensed aerial views?  That too.

We are your one stop shop for all Real Estate photography and videography.  No need to deal with multiple vendors.


Zillow Certified Photographer

We have earned the Zillow certified photographer rating.  This means we can upload your video to Zillow for you which will increase your ranking in Zillow as well as give you a more prominent Play button on your virtual tour.

Areas We Serve

Based out of Corvallis, we serve the immediate area such as Philomath, Albany, Monmouth, Independence, Junction City, Harrisburg, Monroe, and Alsea. 

We also serve the following areas with additional mileage charge such as: Eugene, Dallas, Salem, Yachats, Waldport, Newport, Lincoln City, Jefferson, Florence, and Cottage Grove. 

For those higher end properties where you want the level of quality and service that we specialize in, including horse and ranch properties and luxury properties, we do travel to anywhere in Oregon.  If you have a B&B on the Oregon Coast, make sure you show it in its best light and give us a call.

Real Estate Photography

Why should you hire a professional real estate photographer?  Because the first impression is everything!  Why turn off a potential buyer even before they have seen the house?

Hiring us guarantees that buyers will have a great first impression, increasing the likelihood of a showing, and ultimately a purchase.  Your seller will also be impressed with you, increasing the chance of repeat business at a later time.

Anyone can take a picture of a house.  Anyone can also sing a song.  Give your clients the results that only a professional photo shoot can bring.

We like to show your property in its best light. Literally. We use advanced Photography Techniques to bring out its true colors.

Example Shots

“We shoot every property like it was a million dollar home. Your clients expect nothing less.”

Scott Kemp – Owner

Drone Photography

Whether showing the property or just getting an elevated front shot, many properties can benefit from the use of aerial photography or videography.

Go the Extra Mile

Impress Your Clients

Most people have never seen proper aerial photos. Blow them away with professional photos that show their home from unique angles. Buyers will be impressed as well and more likely to book a showing!

FAA Licensed and Insured

We take safety seriously and make sure we fly within the rules. If we feel like a flight area is unsafe, we will let you know, rather than putting us both at risk. Scott has been flying radio control since the 90’s and in fact developed the best selling flight simulator software for drones.

Sample Galleries

We shoot all kinds of properties in Corvallis.  We strive to find the best vantage points for all of our pictures to highlight the selling points, and minimize the parts that may not show so well.

We have an excellent gallery delivery and billing system that makes things incredibly easy for you to get your pictures and pay your invoice. Here is an example client gallery for you to see how we deliver the pictures.  No messing with Google Drive, Drop Box or other complicated solutions.

“Hire someone who has been in business for himself for 30 years.  That shows the work ethic and dedication I will have with your project.”

Scott Kemp – Owner

Real Estate Videography

Have a property in Corvallis that needs to compete?  Want a better offer?  Of course you do!  A excellent way to accomplish this is having us shoot a video of your property.  Set to music, this can accomplish two things.  The first is that is shows them the property in a more engaging way than just pictures or a slideshow of pictures can do.  Secondly, it can tweak their emotion and make them fall in love before they ever step on site.

Video Options

We have two video options available to you. The first is a quick video walk through, and the second is a full video production. Contact us for current prices, as they are probably less expensive than you think.

Scott filming a real estate video at a horse property.

We go the Extra Mile

Creatively, we can either play it straight, or we can go big. The Horse video above is one we did for a local agent that was trying to sell a horse property. We staged horses on the property and made a video that had over a thousand shares on Facebook!

Corvallis Real Estate Photography and Videography

Zillow Certified Photographer

We have earned the Zillow certified photographer rating. This means we can upload your video to Zillow for you which will increase your ranking in Zillow as well as give you a more prominent Play button on your virtual tour.

Book Now! Get Results


Our prices start at a competitive $150.


Read our FAQ here first. If these don’t answer your questions, then please Contact Us.

For simple projects it can vary between same day and next day, depending on how busy we are.

We deliver images at a 2500 pixel maximum.  That keeps things fast an reasonable.  If you need larger images, please let us know.

We take check or credit cards.  Payment is due when the images are delivered.

Cancellation is free as long as it is done 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise there is a $50 charge.

Please have the property clean and ready for images.  If we have to do additional “cleaning” digitally, there will be an additional charge.

For our regular photography packages, cloudy days are fine as we can do a sky replacement on three exterior pictures at no cost.  For Advanced photography options or videos, we are flexible to come during better weather if you are. 

While digital manipulation is possible, sometimes it is not easy and it always takes time.  Simple removals are done for free, complex removals are charged on an hourly basis at your request.