Win a Completely Free Professional Headshot

We are giving away six completely free headshot sessions at our new studio in Downtown Corvallis.  We are developing our headshot business here at Highway 20 Productions. We are a full-service company serving other businesses with web site design, marketing consulting, people and product photography, and on-premise artwork.

Why do you need a headshot? Many people need headshots for their business cards, marketing material, or web sites. This contest gives you a chance to either get your first headshot, or update your existing headshot with new imagery completely free. 

Why am I doing this? I need a broad portfolio of headshots to highlight my photography. To see an example of my work, see the above pictures. I just finished a remodel and opening of my downtown Corvallis photography studio and am ready to get people great pictures.

Please fill the form below and click submit to be entered. I will be judging the entries based on your reason for headshot and your picture. I need a variety of people for this project, so don’t feel like you have to be a model to enter.  I will be completing the judging no later than the end of June, 2020, and will be contacting the winners by email.  I will post the winners to my blog page.

If you win, expect a phone call/or e-mail notifying you.  We will schedule a time slot for you to come in, expect to spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes for shoot. Hand-Sanitizer and social distancing will be offered. 

Thank You and good luck!

Scott Kemp
Owner, Highway 20 Productions

Headshots will be taken in this style.  We can vary the orientation and also the background color.  This is a photo taken by me a week ago at my new studio

Studio where pictures will be taken (Downtown Corvallis).

Contest Submission