Commercial Media Content Creators

We are a full-service production company in Corvallis, Oregon and the Willamette Valley area.  Whether you need simple head-shot photography or a full-blown social media video commercial, we are here to help.  We pride ourselves in quality and believe in under-promising and over-delivering to make sure you are happy with your final product.

We do all types of visual and audio arts.  Because of that, we are a one stop shop for your many different needs.

All Types of Photography

Photography is more than a scientific capture of light photons.  It is a story.  A moment in time.  An emotion captured for eternity.  We take photography very seriously… and it shows!

Portrait Photography

Let us take your portrait in our studio or outdoors. Head shots or dramatic portraits are also available.

Drone Photography

Licensed by the FAA to fly drones commercially, we can get those aerial pictures that will amaze you.

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Environmental Portraits

Need to show yourself with your hobby or your employees at work doing their work? We can create dramatic, telling photos that a smart phone simply can’t.

Event Photography

Have a family reunion, corporate event, or non-profit fund raiser? You should consider using us to document the event, creating images that will either help you remember for a lifetime, or promote on your social media site.

Senior Pictures

They grow up so fast. Capture the moment before they go out and explore the world by themselves.

Real Estate Photography

Our love of houses is evident by the quality and angles of our photography. We have developed several proprietary techniques for delivering the highest quality images.

Sports Photography

You play. You compete. You win. Let us capture that drive in a timeless photo that will make you look like a superstar.

Photobooth for Hire

We enjoy setting up photo booths for your events. This is a manned booth so we can capture moments that an unmanned booth cannot. Prints up to 6×8 are printed right on site.

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Wedding Photography

We take what could be the most important day of your life very seriously. We know we only get one chance to help you relive those precious moments. We can also print and create photo albums for you.

Food Photography

If you are a local restaurant, consider using us to not only take pictures of your food, but to create a beautiful menu for you.

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Corvallis' beautiful 150 year courthouse in the center of the city.

Corporate Photography

Do you need product photography for your company? Do you need a unique or edge video for your social media website? Give us a call!

Need a Videographer?

Pictures may say a thousand words, but only a video can sing the song.  Let us help you magnify your internal voice and shoot and produce a final video product that will amaze you.

Corporate Videos

Let us help you put your company in its best light, especially when it comes to web sites and social media. Tell your story the way it was meant to be told.

Music Video

Show off your band in either a fully produced music video or a live shoot at one of your concerts. Being musicians ourselves, we know how to put you in your best light.

YouTube and Social Media

Show yourself or your hobby in its full glory. If you need an extra pop for your next project, give us a call.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

In addition to real estate photography, we also everything from virtual slide shows to fully produced video tours with voice overs. We know we can bring your listing up to the next level.

Being Creative is only part of our job.  Delivering a final product that is technically compelling and on time is just as important!

What Makes Us Different?

Its more than just photography, videography, web design, audio design, or printing.  It’s all of the above under one roof!

Latest Equipment

Quality is our number one priority. We spare no expense when it comes to gear, so we know we will have the right equipment to make your project stand out.

Local Commitment

Scott Kemp, the owner of Highway 20 Productions moved to Corvallis in 1988 to get his degree from Oregon State University. Because of this, he has been part of the community for over 30 years, raising his family and creating several successful businesses in the area.

New Technologies

Being from the computer science field, we understand technology at a deep level. We use this in order to bring your project to the latest standards of quality.

Creative Eye

All the technology in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a creative eye! We take pride in our ability to “see” things that most people might miss, and to come up with new and interesting ways to tell an existing story.

We are more than just a simple photographer and more than just a simple videographer.  We enjoy many different aspects of the visual and audio arts and enjoy connecting them all in a cohesive manner.  We are experienced in photography, videography, audio processing, web design, brochures, wall art, photography printing, social media, and signage.  We are essentially your one-stop solution for any personal or corporate multi-media project.

Scott has owned and operated several successful software companies in addition to Highway 20 Productions.  His businesses have had to deal with images and video at a highly technical and detailed level, writing computer algorithms to process and present images.

Scott is more than just a photographer and computer guru.  From 2005 to 2011, he built and operated a five-star luxurious fishing lodge in the Alaskan wilderness where the only access was via a boat.  Whether guiding clients on salmon fishing trips or trecking through the woods, he always had his camera close to his side, learning and refining his trade with the beauty of Alaska as a backdrop.

Who is Highway 20 Productions?

And why is it called Highway 20 Productions?

I love capturing the moments of your lives.  To tell the story in a unique way.  To make you feel emotion when you see the finished work.  I love what I do and I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Scott Kemp, Owner